"Do you travel to me for my makeup application?  If so, do you charge a traveling fee?"

I will always travel to you. Whether it is your wedding day, a makeup trial or even just a simple glam for a night out on the town I will travel to you no matter what! I want to make your special day as exciting and as easy for you as possible.

My prices include travel up to 20 miles from 11795. Traveling outside of that 20 mile span will have travel charges added.

What is the difference between a Traditional Makeup Application and an Airbrush Makeup Application?

Ah, my favorite question to answer! The difference between the two is how the foundation is applied to the face as well as it's consistancy. Traditional makeup is regular foundation applied with a sponge/brush whereas an airbrush application is applied through an air compressor. Traditional foundation tends to feel and appear a bit thicker and airbrush feels like- well, air!

It is also truly all about preference to the client. Some of my clients want a heavier coverage, in which I would use traditional foundation whereas some of my clients want a more natural feel, in which I would then reach for the airbrush. Because of the airbrush's fine mist its application provides more of a flawless, natural and even coverage while still allowing the skin to breathe. Airbrush makeup is also water/sweat resistant!

Both options are great for all skin types, both applications stay on all day and both applications are hypoallergenic.

Are False Lashes included?

Abso-freaking-lutely! I always apply individual lashes to my clients but I do carry strip lashes as well for those who favor them over the individuals.