*Bridal Makeup/Airbrush Application by Me

*Bridal Makeup/Airbrush Application by Me

My name is Alexandra and I have been a professional makeup artist for over 11 years. For me, this profession is a love affair between my passion for art and my fascination with makeup.  I enjoy studying different techniques and keeping up with the latest trends so that I can stay ahead of the competition and go above beyond for myself and for my clients.

As a psychology major, I am just as passionate about people as I am about my work; I truly believe that understanding and connecting with my clients on a personal level is key to my success. My goal is to ensure that each and every person that sits in my chair feels at ease and leaves my chair feeling beautiful. Confidence is the foundation of everything and it is my promise to make you feel and look your very best!

I thoroughly enjoy working with different photographers, hair stylists, and other makeup artists. I have worked with various magazines, as well as videographers and other visual artists. Working side by side with similar talent is what continuously inspires and motivates me daily.  In this line of work one must not miss an opportunity to learn something new, no matter how long one has been in the industry. The art & fashion world is continuously evolving and people are always looking for that new, exciting trend that will uniquely set them apart. 

I provide the key services that clients most often request such as airbrush, individual eyelash application, contouring, and makeup lessons. My creativity varies from natural to dramatic looks while keeping your face feeling light, fresh, and free of the dreaded "cakey" feel. My job is to accentuate your natural beauty and to provide you with a look that best suits you and your occasion.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, appointment scheduling, and/or pricing.